Photo Authentic memories : the monkeys in the streets

Authentic memories : the monkeys in the streets

Authentic memories : the monkeys in the streets

Monkeys and cows are sacred animals in urban India. They play important roles in Hinduism, which is the most important religion in India. In fact, 80 % of the Indians are Hindus. Hindus consider cows, monkeys, and snakes as sacred.

Because the majority of Indians are Hindu, monkeys, like other sacred animals, are allowed to be free in the streets of India and in the Temples. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India is home to thousands of monkeys. It is famous for the terra cotta houses after which the city is named the pink city.

It is common to see these sacred animals in Rajasthan streets, Temples, palaces and forts. Similarly, around 40,000 monkeys inhabit in New Delhi. India is rich in monkey diversity. 13 monkey species can be seen there.

Symbolic element in monkeys

 Like the other sacred animals, monkeys serve as intermediaries between men and Indian gods. In fact, monkeys symbolize the god of power. Hanuman is a very powerful god in the Hindu religion. 

In order to honor the sacred monkeys, Hindu people give them food in trashcans in the streets. They also give them food in special locations at the Hindu Temples. Every day, thousands of monkeys can be seen on India's streets. Thousands of monkeys dwell in India's Temples. It is believed that after death, humans reincarnate into monkeys and other sacred animals. When a human dies, it is his body which dies, but not his soul. The soul is immortal; it is reborn into another human being, or into an animal. Cows, monkeys and snakes are scared because they are reincarnation of humans.

Authentic memories of the monkeys

By traveling to India, you can enjoy the amazing view of thousands of monkeys in the streets and at Temples. Travel to India, take a tour of the city and explore the monkeys' way of life, eating habits and discover their behavior.

And if you visit India's Hindu Temples, you will be amazed at the sight of thousands of monkeys. To see monkeys, go to Garaji Temple, which is outside Jaipur, India. Another popular destination to see monkeys is also at Galataji Temple, which is near Jaipur.

Traveling to a country where monkeys abound in the streets

If you plan a trip to India on your next vacation, you should start looking for an accommodation earlier because the price is at its best if you book earlier. As a popular tourist destination, India has a lot to offer especially for those who want to discover new culture and get to see monkeys so close to you.

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