Photo Authentic memories : to attend to an Indian wedding

Authentic memories : to attend to an Indian wedding

Authentic memories : to attend to an Indian wedding

India is a fascinating holiday destination because of its rich cultural diversity and tourist attractions. From panoramic landscapes to spectacular landmarks, and even tasty food, there is a lot to discover in India.

The excitement is even greater if you have the opportunity to travel to India to attend a wedding ceremony. It will make your trip more pleasurable and full of authentic memories. Let us discover the Indian wedding custom with eDreams.

Indian wedding custom

India is home to many ethnic groups. Therefore, it is rich in cultural diversity. Indian wedding custom is quite fascinating to attend, with the awe-inspiring colorful decorations, festive music and dance.

In addition, if you have never attended an Indian wedding celebration, you will be mesmerized by the wedding costumes the bride and the groom wear. In Hindu Indian wedding, the bride wears a Sari and the groom has a Sherwani.

Arranged marriages are common in India. A matchmaker arranges marriages between a man and a woman. Parents and other respected family members can also act as matchmakers.

Marriages are arranged with much consideration of family background, cultural background and social background. Indian marriages are arranged with the consent of the bride and the groom.

Nowadays the trend towards arranged marriages has changed. It is common to see a marriage advertisement in the newspaper where grooms are looking for their potential brides. Among the most important requirements are home-making ability and earning potential. In big cities in India, love marriages are increasing nowadays.

Wedding ceremony rituals may vary from a region to region in India. The most common rituals include:

  • Kanyadaan: the bride's father arranges his daughter to marry someone 
  • Panigrahana: the bride and groom hold hands over the fire. It symbolizes their impending union. 
  • Saptapadi: the bride and groom take seven steps before fire. Sacred Fire symbolizes an important deity in Hinduism. The steps symbolize their vows. After pronouncing the last vows, they are husband and wife. Their marriage is legal.

Wedding celebrations last several days. The ceremony is in Sanskrit, which is India's holy language. Before the wedding ceremony, the couple is engaged. The engagement ceremony may last one day or more.

And after the wedding ceremony, there is another ritual to welcome the bride into her new household. These are the basic rituals in the Indian marriage custom. However, the celebrations vary from the form of marriage chosen by the families for the bride and groom.

Traveling to India

Start planning a trip to India. As a popular tourist destination, you have to book a flight and an accommodation earlier. India has a lot to offer especially for those who want to discover new culture.

Learning about the Indian wedding custom gives you an authentic memory of your trip to this fascinating country. The best way to organize your trip to India is through eDreams.

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