Photo Indian travel : by train, by plane, by car…

Indian travel : by train, by plane, by car…

Whatever the reason or the length of your stay in India, commuting and moving around will certainly be a part of your daily life. Cities offer different means of transport such as trains, buses, planes, subways, taxis, rickshaws, etc. Depending on the distance and budget, you can choose from different modes of transportation in India.

Trains in India

Trains are the main means of transportation in India for passengers and goods. The railways bring people and goods from the remotest corners of the country and facilitate business, education, sightseeing and even pilgrimages. The Indian rail network covers 63,327 km, serving nearly 7,000 stations, both in towns and countries.

While express trains are faster and connect the largest Indian cities directly to each other, local trains make several stops in towns and villages. In order to travel by train, be sure to book early and confirm your ticket.

Because of the heavy rail traffic, tickets are not readily available. Therefore, make your reservations in advance. You can buy your ticket at the train station counter or simply book it online.

Several trains travel at night and are equipped with bunk beds that will allow you to rest and travel over long distances in a more comfortable way. Be careful: when traveling by train, you need to be particularly careful. This means of transport is very common, therefore crowded, so always keep an eye on your personal belongings.

Less common means of transport

Although the train is the major means of transport in India, there are other ways to travel all around the country. Less popular but very useful for tourists.

  •  Airplane: To cover long distances in a short time, the plane is the most appropriate mode of transportation. There are several regional and national flights in India that connect one city to another in a short time.
  •  Buses: they are easily available for short and long journeys alike. Fares are much cheaper than taxis and trains, so, many prefer to travel by bus. There are usually private buses run by independent companies and public transport buses run by the government, all commuters can use each of them.
  •  Rent a car in India: Car rentals are easily accessible in major cities in India. You can use the services of a driver or drive yourself, provided you have a driver's license, which is valid in India.

Crowded transport

Between people visiting relatives in a different province, those who leave to work in town every morning and the Indian tourists from the city visiting the same site as you, and given the high population in the country, the transport is usueally very crowded or even overcrowded! That's why we advise you to book your tickets in advance. Of course, you can get your ticket when you arrive in one of the big-city train stations, but it is safer and easier to book it from your home before the trip through It is ideal to book and prepare for your trip. Flights, hotels but also activities, you can plan everything to be more serene on eDreams.